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Archives for September 29, 2015

Secured Retirement Radio: Shoebox Money

Blog post by Dale Decker.

We all save something.

From childhood to retirement years, we set aside keepsakes that mean the most: a teddy bear, a blanket, sports cards, photos, you name it…it’s saved by someone.

Often times things are saved and forgotten or placed in a box somewhere. Just knowing they’re there is the important thing.

For some, investments from the workplace can be like that: company sponsored 401ks, IRAs and others that have accumulated, maybe rolled over but sit in a “shoe box” ready to grow.

On last Saturday’s Secured Retirement Radio show, Joe Lucey, Kari Donnelly, and Derek Fautsch talked about  saved resources and retirement. Retirement can sneak up on us. For those who have worked many years at the same place or perhaps switched jobs over the years, the accumulation in our set-aside accounts can be a welcome surprise.

For those approaching retirement, now is the time to consult with a professional on optimizing your financial “keepsakes.”

Savings, Social Security, pensions, and more can comprise a successful retirement plan. At Secured Retirement Financial, we offer a 3-step review that can help maximize income and Social Security, and reduce taxes to enhance your retirement years.

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