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Joe Lucey Book Image
Joe Lucey Book Image
Joe Lucey Book Image

The Retiree’s Social Security Guide, Your Blueprint to Maximize Mailbox Income

Social Security is one of the most fundamental pieces of a retiree’s income plan. If you want to ensure you have income during a market crash, it’s essential. Yet there are many moving parts, from deciding when to take it to considering taxation and spousal benefits, and you only get one shot to get it right. When should I file? What if I keep working? How will my benefits affect my spouse? What if I’m divorced? What if I die before I take my benefits?

The Retiree’s Social Security Guide uses specific examples and clear language to unpack the rules and regulations surrounding these key topics of Social Security and many more.

Building Retirement Now: Your Secured Retirement Blueprint™ From Planning and Design to Execution

A woman with a plan calculated to the penny. A couple with a brown bag full of statements they don’t understand. Plus a handful of people who are somewhere in between. This is the cast of characters in the pages of Joseph S. Lucey’s newest book, Building Retirement Now.

Join Joe as he shows how his office walks with each person through the major issues of retirement while untangling the emotions from each financial picture.

Learn how retirement looks different today than it did when your parents and grandparents retired, and discover the Secured Retirement Blueprint™ process and what it can do for people just like you.

Joe Lucey Book Image
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Angie S

Angie Schatschneider


Angie leads the charge with our events, community outreach and hospitality. Previous to Secured Retirement, Angie has extensive experience with working with national brands as both a Marketing and Creative Director.

Angie has years of experience in formulating marketing plans to build on brand growth and is excited to bring Joe Lucey and the Secured Retirement brand to be known throughout Minnesota. She takes great pride in delighting our guests in the best possible way on their way and through retirement.

Her passions include exploring Minnesota and a love for the midwest.