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The Legacy of Memorial Day Started in 1868

Memorial Day originated as Decoration Day and separate holidays in the northern and southern United States to honor and decorate the graves of fallen soldiers after the civil war, beginning in 1868.

The holiday was later merged into a common date and revised to honor all who had died during their military careers. It was observed on May 30th until 1970 when it began observance on the last Monday of May.  For many, Memorial Day marks the symbolic beginning of summer.

Most of us know of or are related to veterans that have perished while in service to their country. This Memorial Day we honor all of the members of the US military past and present.  

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High School Reunions

High school sweethearts Bob and Sue stopped to eat on the journey to their 40th class reunion.  After dining, about an hour down the road, Sue told Bob that they must return to the restaurant to retrieve her forgotten glasses. Bob made the U-turn and grumbled mightily all the way back on the return trip. Once parked in front of the restaurant, Sue exited the car. Bob then shouted, “while you’re in there you might as well ask for my wallet and credit cards too”.  By my count, the bicentennial class of 1976 turns 58 this year. Class reunions are good reminders to assess where you have been and where you are going, as retirement and 50th class reunions come up fast.  Take the time during these milestones to plan ahead for retirement and 30 years without a paycheck. Plan to enjoy the golden years.

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What do Sean Connery, Phoebe Cates, Gene Hackman, Roger Moore and Victoria Principal have in common?

These five remarkable stars are not starring in a sequel to the Big Chill, though that could be a legitimate guess. These five stars are retired from show business if there is such a thing.

I imagine that celebrity retirement has its challenges, including endless requests for autographs, being asked when they will return to the movies, and don’t forget the tabloids hounding them for scrutiny of their appearance among other things.

I imagine that they probably live in quieter places now. They may even work with a financial planner to stretch their income and investments, save on taxes, and strategize to maximize Social Security.

Whether you’re a celebrity or looking forward to celebrating your own impending retirement, it takes careful planning to ensure your enjoy your golden years. CFPs Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch talk about retirement weekly on Secured Retirement Radio, Saturdays at 9:00 am on KTLK 1130 am Twin Cities.

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It’s Baseball Season. Time for Some Analogies and Clichés

Baseball resembles financial planning more than any other sport.  Teams typically approach contests with a game plan based on their personnel, the ball park they are playing in, weather conditions, pitching match-ups and the opposition. Team managers, pay attention to the conditions and plan accordingly to create a successful outcome in each ball game.

This is not unlike financial planning in which a strategy to achieve goals is designed around several factors including resources, the environment, and more.

On last weekend’s radio show Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch covered estates as part of retirement.  Estate planning is kind of like the walk-off home-run of the financial planning world. We at Secured Retirement Financial can help with your estate planning goals and be here to give you a high five when you touch home. I guess it was time for analogies and clichés after all.

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