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Archives for January 9, 2017

New Year a Good Time for New Approach

We frequently resolve to reinvent ourselves in the new year — exercise more, eat healthier, read more or save more.

An alternative method of reinvention is simply a “rebranding”.  Sometimes companies rebrand to reflect changes, other times it’s just a new update to their look. The same can be true when it comes to reinventing our own situation. Sometimes we just rebrand ourselves, informing friends and family that we’ve joined a gym or started shopping at Whole Foods.

At a certain age, it’s common for people to put their materialistic desires behind them and focus on a more personal lifestyle. We grow up learning to want things, but after our income level reaches a comfortable level, we reflect on whether we have what we really want. At that point, our perspective can change.  If we can help you refocus your financial situation to match the type of lifestyle you want to lead going forward, we’re here for you.

Truly reinventing ourselves requires commitment and discipline. We can’t just say we’ve made a change, we have to take the often painstaking steps to get there. If any of your reinvention plans involve your financial situation, remember that we’re here to help you develop a strategy and stick to it.