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Archives for February 8, 2017

Use this simple mental exercise to help boost your mood

In a Rut? This quick trick can make you happier.  According to an article in Reader’s Digest, the secret to happiness is only a few minutes away with this simple mental exercise:  THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS!

The article cites a study in which, before going to bed, German volunteers listed nine beautiful things they’d seen during the day. Three items were from human behavior (like a friend treating another to coffee), three were from nature (a gorgeous sunset), and another three could be from anywhere (a funky font on a sign). Meanwhile, a placebo group reflected on earlier life experiences every night for a week. On day eight, participants reported their happiness levels, then reported back again after a week, and one, three and six months later.

Those who’d spent their time focused on beauty showed more happiness increases than the placebo group right after the study. What’s more, those mood boosts stuck around a week and a month later. The “nine beautiful things” group also reported fewer depressive symptoms right after the practice and one week later.