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Archives for October 30, 2017

Volunteering Vacations

Volunteering vacations allow you to donate your vacation time and skills to a worthy cause while expanding your horizons in another culture. Plenty of charitable opportunities do not require special training, such as helping out with child care, tutoring, environmental conservation and working with animals.

Before you book your trip, make sure the charity is reputable. A variety of organizations help travelers find meaningful volunteer opportunities in destinations around the world, including GivingWay, International Volunteer HQ and Volunteers for Peace. After completing the application process, including a criminal background check, the organizations help travelers find volunteer opportunities and assist them with their travel plans.

There are numerous projects and locations to choose from, and the opportunities to volunteer can span from one week to several months. Most organizations allow you to use weekends to explore the culture, with tours or recommendations by the local people with whom you work. Be aware, though, that a volunteering vacation doesn’t mean it’s free. There’s often a placement fee, and volunteers are usually responsible for their travel expenses.

Here are some examples we found:

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  • There are hundreds of causes to volunteer for, and finding one close to your heart will lead to a more worthwhile trip.   Read more…
  • Volunteer vacations vary widely, not only in intent but also in cost, accommodations, the amount of free time, and the physical effort required, so research carefully before signing up.  Read more…