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Don’t Let Penalties Cost You

So, did you catch the high school boys’ hockey state championship this weekend? What a showdown on the ice! I heard a record number of attendees (20,346!!) were at the Xcel for Saturday night’s final match up – crazy! A huge congratulations to Edina and St. Cloud Cathedral for clinching their respective Class AA and Class A victories.

Few things make me prouder to be a Minnesotan than watching those young guns fly down that ice, masterfully handling the puck even at their age. And the hair! You can’t forget the hair! Thems were the days. It’s peak nostalgia season for many of us in the State of Hockey.

We follow the tournament closely here in the office and it always amazes me how fast these games can turn – part of what makes them so exciting. It all boils down to a few critical plays, a few critical errors. Penalties are one of the most frequent blunders in a game. I’ve seen the frustrating toll they can take on team morale myself watching my son play.

Tripping, for example, is an often-called penalty and especially frustrating because it’s just so easy to do. Penalties can happen fast with emotional or sloppy playing, and the more there are the more frustrating it becomes – to watch and play. It hurts to see your best guy have to sit in the box. If you’re going to take a penalty, make it worthwhile.

When it comes to your retirement, you cannot let penalties, even a 2-minute minor mistake, cost you your retirement game. Ill-timed market corrections or legislative changes can affect your retirement earnings, but with the right retirement lineup, they shouldn’t.

Just as a well-rounded hockey team relies on each player to contribute their strengths to achieve victory, the best retirement planning is a team effort. Having the right people in your lineup can make all the difference. At Secured Retirement, our tight team has perfected key plays to ensure every client has a tried and true winning strategy.

In sports, we love a wild game that comes right down to the wire – not here. Here, methodical planning with a few key plays is what wins gold. Remember that!

Cup of Joe


From Joe Lucey, Founder of Secured Retirement

There’s something about sitting down with a steaming cup of coffee that always kicks my day into high gear. And it’s not just because of the caffeine it sends coursing through my veins.

Throughout my career, some of my biggest revelations have come to me in conversation with my mentor over a cup of joe. Good conversation and personal connection can pick you up in a special way. It’s that feeling that I’m hoping to bring to you with my new series, your Cup of Joe.

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Danielle Christensen


Danielle is dedicated to serving clients to achieve their retirement goals. As a Paraplanner, Danielle helps the advisors with the administrative side of preparing and documenting meetings. She is a graduate of the College of St. Benedict, with a degree in Business Administration and began working with Secured Retirement in May of 2023.

Danielle is a lifelong Minnesotan and currently resides in Farmington with her boyfriend and their senior rescue pittie/American Bulldog mix, Tukka.  In her free time, Danielle enjoys attending concerts and traveling. She is also an avid fan of the Minnesota Wild and loves to be at as many games as possible during the season!