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Archives for December 8, 2015

Football and the 5-Star Plan

Renowned retirement expert Ed Slott was a guest with Joe Lucey on Secured Retirement Radio Saturday, December 5th, ,2015.

Ed spent time talking about retirement in the context of football. He encouraged listeners to think of retirement as the 2nd half of a game. You’ve accumulated points in the first half and during the 2nd half it’s time to defend and make these points last until you win.

Ed said that there is a fine line between success and failure because in life, as in football,  if you don’t have enough points at the end, no matter how you played victory escapes you. Just ask the Detroit Lions after their Hail Mary loss to the Green Bay Packers last week.

Ed recommended a review with someone expert in the most important 2nd half of life. At Secured Retirement Financial we offer a 5-Star Plan that reviews investment, income, tax, health and legacy planning.

With important, recent changes to Social Security, now more than ever is a good time to assess your overall financial plan. To attend our January 5th Social Security seminar or for a complimentary 5- Star Plan review call us at 952-460-3260.


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Time to Sell the Pinto

Think of retirement planning as akin to replacing an old trusty vehicle, only in this case, you’ve been driving the current one for 30 years.

Your financial plan has served you well and helped you save for retirement. From the days of your education, through early jobs, throughout the span of your eventual career you’ve been careful with your money.

When you were working, you were invested in an “accumulation phase”. You were able to work hard and afford the expenses of raising a family, building equity in your home, while setting aside savings in your 401(k) , IRA’, annuities and more. In the back of your mind, Social Security was always a future reliable source of income.

Retirement can sneak up on you. Changes from accumulation to the distribution phase of life, could be wearing thin on your current financial vehicle. Retirement plans often need a tune-up, an overhaul or replacement to establish traction for the next 30 years.

With important, recent changes to Social Security, now more than ever is a good time to assess your overall financial plan.

To learn more about how the new Social Security rules will impact your retirement, or for a complimentary 3- Step Review on retirement planning call us at 952-460-3260.

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