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Time is Ticking on Social Security

On last week’s radio show, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch talked about the pending changes to Social Security. Enacted in 1935 by FDR, Social Security was designed to create a net for seniors, post-depression and beyond. Changes have been made on various aspects of the program including taxation from 1939 through 1983. Last fall, Congress amended the program, in part to change rules on the file and suspend and restricted application strategies. Married and divorced couples can be affected by the changes depending on age. Retirees have typically used these strategies to improve benefits over time.

Certain ages are affected by the changes that take effect this spring and can impact millions. If you have questions about whether and how the changes affect you, or if you are looking for alternate strategies in light of the changes, now is a good time to be informed.

For a custom Social Security Analysis or 3 Step Retirement Review on your schedule, call us at 952-460-3260.

Take the Mystery Out of Retirement

Retirement can sneak up on you. As your journey in life unfolds through life’s major milestones; jobs, kids, family, many are surprised and even caught off guard when their pending retirement arrives.. If you have reached the age of 50 plus it’s time to review your past accumulations and preview how to utilize your savings for retirement. On Saturday’s Secured Retirement Radio show, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch discussed the 3 Step Review, a consultation designed to help develop a personalized retirement action plan. You may have a pension, or an employer 401k, insurance, annuities, or other savings that you’ve built up over the years.

Now is the time to maximize these funds and have them start working for you. Plan to convert your hard-earned savings into retirement income that lasts a lifetime.

For a custom 3 Step, Review Retirement Analysis on your schedule…call us at 952-460-3260.

Click here to listen to Joe Lucey’s Podcast of this week’s radio series.

The Year of Education

Over the years, we’ve used different channels to provide information for retirees in the Twin Cities. Many of you have listened to us on radio and attended one of our summits, seminars, dinners, or personal consultations.

We are still offering all of the above and recently added Retirement Elevated, which is a classroom format for comprehensive retirement information, It’s like going to school without the tests.

Each course includes income, tax and investment planning with guest lectures on healthcare and estate planning. The classes are packed with information.  In this year of change and evolution, we are dedicating 2016 to education. If you think a refresher course is for you, contact us about enrollment in Retirement Elevated or for a custom retirement analysis on your schedule… call us at

The State of Estates

Retirees navigate income, Social Security, taxes, healthcare and more in their golden years. Concurrent with these is sound estate strategies. On the February 6th show, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch talked about estate planning in the context of a comprehensive retirement.  Estate and legacy planning determines what, and how, we leave things behind for family and loved ones.  Every financial plan should incorporate estate planning. We encourage a sound strategy with retirement income that lasts and preserves “the state” of your estate.

At Secured Retirement Financial we offer a 3 -Step Review for retirement and estate planning and also a segment on estates by local attorney Dave Ness within our Retirement Elevated class curriculum.

For a custom retirement and estate analysis on your schedule, or to attend a Retirement Elevated class call us at 952-460-3260. 

Click Here to listen to Joe Lucey’s Podcast of this week’s radio series.

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Plan to Plan

On the January 30th show, Joe Lucey and Derek Fautsch talked about the value of overall retirement planning.

When you start out on a trip, you often bring along a map or a GPS. Consider retirement in a similar way. When your journey begins as a retired worker, it is best to have a map or a plan to navigate things like income, taxes, and Social Security. These three key components should be analyzed to create a successful path to your retirement destination. It takes careful planning to help stretch income, reduce taxes and maximize Social Security.    Working with a plan helps makes retirement more successful and efficient and allows you to ride the waves of any future market fluctuations with confidence at the core of your retirement strategy.

When taking your retirement trip have a strategy, use a map. Secured Retirement Financial offers free consultations and courses on retirement planning

For a custom analysis on your schedule, we offer a 3 Step Review  or Social Security analysis. We are also offering comprehensive Retirement Elevated classes February 17th   and 24th and Saturday, February 27th. For a complementary consultation or to attend a class call us at 952-460-3260.

Click Here to listen to Joe Lucey’s Podcast of this week’s radio series.

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