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Financial Planning

Five Overlooked or Underestimated Expenses That Could Blindside You in Retirement.

Do you want to retire in the next 5 years?
Since this is something you’ve never done before …
It’s easy to overlook or underestimate something.
And if it’s a big-ticket item like taxes, healthcare or long-term care …
It could take a huge chunk of your hard-earned savings.
Learn 5 overlooked expenses that could blindside you in retirement …

How Nine Different Types of Income Get Taxed in Retirement

The last thing you need when you’re retired… is an unexpected financial surprise. Because if you get sucker punched this late in the game … It could be too late to recover. Learn how you could avoid 7 blind spots … that could steal your retirement!

Warren Buffett on Fixed Income …“Retirees Face A Bleak Future”

Warren Buffett – the most successful investor of our time … Recently said that retirees who count on fixed income … “face a bleak future.” It’s because the returns on CD’s, savings accounts and bonds … are pathetically low. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to improve anytime soon. Discover your options to generate income in retirement today

IRA and 401K Tax Traps …That Could Decimate Your Retirement Savings.

When you withdraw money from your IRA and 401K in retirement …You could unknowingly trigger a chain reaction of events …That could leave you with a fraction of your retirement savings. Learn how you could avoid four tax traps with your IRA, 401K, and other retirement accounts …